Asian Water Development Outlook 2007

In recent years, water has steadily gravitated toward the top of the national agendas of ADB's developing member countries. This is a desirable development because water is an essential requirement for human and ecosystems survival. In addition, water is a critical component for most development needs. Without adequate quantity and quality of water, it will not be possible to ensure food, energy, or environmental security of nations.

AWDO is aimed at Asian and Pacific leaders and policy makers and those interested in understanding the complexities and dimensions of the current and the future water problems, and how these can be addressed successfully in policy terms. Its main objective is to raise awareness of water-related issues and to stimulate an informed debate on how best to manage Asia's water future. These are important and complex issues, and their timely management can contribute to the achievement of all the water-associated Millennium Development Goals and beyond.

AWDO 2007 is ADB's first attempt to make a forward-looking assessment of the possible water future for the most populous region of the world. It is now increasingly being recognized that water is likely to be a major critical resource issue of the world, and that the social, economic, and environmental future of Asia is likely to depend on how efficiently and equitably this resource will be managed in the coming years.

  • Part 1: Print Publication
    • Foreword
    • New Insights on Water Security in Asia
    • Appendix IDWA: Index of Drinking Water Adequacy
    • Annexes
    • Acknowledgments [ PDF: 1,005kb | 5pages ]
  • Part 2: Enclosed CD-ROM
    • Access to Drinking Water and Sanitation in Asia: Indicators and Implications
    • Water Resources and Development in Changing Asia
    • Recent Advances in Water Resources Development and Management in Developing Countries in Asia
    • Water Supply and Sanitation Issues in Asia
    • Integrated Water Resources Management: A Reassessment
    • Country Papers
    • Water Management in Singapore
    • Social Perceptions of the Impacts of Colombo Water Supply Projects
    • Water Management in Mexico City
    • Water Resources in Korea 2007
    • Japan's Experience in Water Supply Sector After World War II
    • Legal Framework, Finance and Institutional Arrangements of Japan's Sewerage System (Summary Document)
    • Good Practices and Lessons Learned

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