Foreign Direct Investment in South Asia

This issue of the South Asia Economic Report (SAER) is the third in a series of reports on economic and development issues in South Asia. It is a cooperative effort of the South Asia Department and the Central and West Asia Department of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The SAER aims to provide information to policy makers, academics, and ADB management and staff. It highlights issues that help promote debate and foster appropriate policies and greater cooperation and integration in the region. The themes of the first and second issues of the SAER were, respectively, 'Banking, Governance, and the Investment Climate,' and 'Social Sectors in Transition: Accelerating Inclusive Growth and Human Development.' This issue's theme is 'Foreign Direct Investment in South Asia.'

The key messages of this third SAER are recapitulated below :

  • Foreword, Abbreviation and Acronyms, Explanatory Notes
    • Introduction
    • Foreign Direct Investment in South Asia
    • Country Section
  • References
  • Statistical Appedix

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