1999 NGO Report

The ADB's program of cooperation with nongovernment organizations (NGOs) is governed by the policy Cooperation Between the Asian Development ADB and Nongovernment Organizations, approved in April 1998. The policy commits the ADB to an expanded program of cooperation with NGOs with a view to strengthening the effectiveness, sustainability, and quality of development services the ADB provides. Through the policy, the ADB works to integrate NGO experience, knowledge and expertise in ADB operations, such that the development efforts the ADB supports will more effectively address the issues and priorities reflected in the ADB's development agenda. The ADB's policy recognizes NGOs as important and increasingly significant actors in the processes of development.

The report reviews areas in which ADB engages NGOs, and provides recommendations on retaining, strengthening, or modifying institutional arrangements, as well as on creating new structures and mechanisms, to promote more effective ADB-NGO cooperation.


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