Indonesia: Enhancing Productivity through Quality Jobs

The challenges consist of creating jobs for and the skills in a youthful and increasingly better educated workforce, and raising the productivity of less-educated workers to meet the demands of the digital age. The book deals with a range of interrelated topics—the changing supply and demand for labor in relation to the shift of workers out of agriculture; urbanization and the growth of megacities; raising the quality of schooling for new jobs in the digital economy; and labor market policies to improve both labor standards and productivity.

  • Executive Summary
  • Improving Employment Outcomes and Productivity in Indonesia
  • Labor Supply and Attachment to the Workforce
  • Jobs, Wages, and Labor Market Segmentation
  • Structural Transformation and the Release of Labor from Agriculture
  • Urbanization and Labor Productivity in Indonesia
  • Education, Skills, and Labor Productivity
  • Labor Market Policies and Institutions in Indonesia
  • Glossary of Indonesian Terms

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