ADB and the Climate Investment Funds: Climate Change Innovation and Action in Asia and the Pacific

Since the inception of the Climate Investment Funds (CIF), ADB has participated in the preparation of 16 investment plans in 14 countries. Under these plans, ADB is administering $1.6 billion in funding for 37 projects across the region.

This document presents ADB’s experience in the development of CIF programs and highlights some of the innovative transformations anticipated or already achieved by ADB projects using CIF funding. 

In particular, this overview of ADB and CIF activities in the region shows that ADB continues to be committed to building the capacity of its DMCs to address climate change issues by delivering not only finance but also critical knowledge and technology, and by leveraging additional finance, particularly from the private sector.

  • Introduction
  • ADB Action on Climate Change
  • Climate Investment Funds: Jump-Starting Climate Change Financing
  • Beyond Financing: Catalyzing Transformation into a Climate-Smart Asia and Pacific Region
  • Meeting the Challenges: Making Climate Change Financing Work 
  • Appendixes 
  • References

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