Nepal: Development Effectiveness Brief 2014

Nepal was a founding member of ADB in 1966. Over the years, ADB has provided assistance in several sectors, including agriculture and natural resources, transport and information and communication technology, energy, water and sanitation, urban development, education, finance, and governance. ADB has consistently promoted gender equality and social inclusion in development, and is putting more efforts into building institutional capacity at all levels, including local governments. Climate change mitigation measures and environmental safeguards form part of all ADB supported projects and programs in Nepal. As Nepal continues its journey to political stability and economic prosperity, ADB also supports good governance.

  • Nepal Selected Development Indicators
  • Nepal and ADB: A Partnership for Inclusive Development
  • ADB’s Contribution to Inclusive Development and Poverty Reduction
  • Improving Operational and Organizational Effectiveness
  • Looking Ahead: Future Challenges and Goals

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