Conference on Spillover Effects of High-Speed Rail and Quality of Life

14 November 2018 ADBI, Tokyo, Japan

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Policy makers in developing countries are eager to learn about large-scale public infrastructure such as high-speed rail (HSR). India’s government, for one, has announced plans to adopt Japan’s shinkansen technology for the HSR project between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. JR East is providing technical support based on its extensive experience as a shinkansen operator in Japan.

This conference aims to share experiences of HSR projects and operations, and to highlight the effects of HSR projects on the economy, environment, society, and quality of life (QOL) by introducing novel models and mechanisms to replicate the positive effects in new projects.

The conference will also include policy implications and lessons for countries with planned HSR projects, specifically with innovative policy instruments that increase the internal rate of return (IRR) and therefore attract private sector investments for these large-scale infrastructure projects.


World Conference on Transport Research Society


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