Realizing the Potential of Public–Private Partnerships to Advance Asia’s Infrastructure Development

It shows how governments and their development partners can use PPPs to promote more inclusive and sustainable growth. The study finds that successful PPP projects are predicated on well-designed contracts, a stable economy, good governance and sound regulations, and a high level of institutional capacity to handle PPPs. It is the result of a collaboration between ADB, the Korea Development Institute, and other experts that supported the theme chapter “Sustaining Development through Public–Private Partnership” of the Asian Development Outlook 2017 Update.

  • Chapter 1: Overview
  • Part I: The Benefits and Risks of Public–Private Partnerships
    • Chapter 2: The Empirical Evidence and Channels for Effective Public–Private Partnerships
    • Chapter 3: Assessing Risk in Public–Private Partnerships
  • Part II: Mobilizing Finance for Public–Private Partnerships
    • Chapter 4: Factors Influencing Bank Project Financing of Infrastructure Public–Private Partnership Projects in Developing Asia
    • Chapter 5: Syndicated Loans in Project Finance: Empirical Evidence from Asian Public–Private Partnership Markets
    • Chapter 6: Determinants of Public–Private Partnerships in Infrastructure in Emerging Economies
    • Chapter 7: Risk Mitigation and Sovereign Guarantees for Public–Private Partnerships in Developing Economies
  • Part III: Lessons from the Experience of Using Public–Private Partnerships in Developing Asia
    • Chapter 8: Delivering Economic Benefits from Public–Private Partnerships: The Experience of the Republic of Korea
    • Chapter 9: Public–Private Partnerships versus Traditional Procurement: A Comparison of Financing Modalities in the Republic of Korea
    • Chapter 10: Improving the Performance of Public–Private Partnerships in Infrastructure Services in Asia through Better Regulation
    • Chapter 11: Public–Private Partnership Development in Southeast Asia
    • Chapter 12: Public–Private Partnership Systems in the Republic of Korea, the Philippines, and Indonesia: A Comparative Review

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