Project Name
Expanding Access to Credit for Women
Project Number
Borrower / Company
  • Kashf Foundation (KF)
Country / Economy
  • Pakistan
Type or Modality of Assistance
Approval Number Facility Fund Source Amount Status
3773 Loan Ordinary capital resources USD 15.00 million Committed
CF86 B-Loan Other USD 10.00 million Committed
Strategic Agendas
  • Inclusive economic growth
Drivers of Change
  • Private sector development
Sector / Subsector
  • Finance / Inclusive finance

Gender equity theme
Project Sponsor(s)
    Objectives and Scope
    The loan to Kashf Foundation is a $15 mln A loan and $10 mln B loan to support expansion of credit access for women in Pakistan.
    Status of Development Objectives
    Status of Operation/Construction
    Linkage to Country/Regional Strategy
    The proposed project specifically supports the following key operational priorities of ADB's Strategy 203019: (i) addressing remaining poverty and reducing inequalities; (ii) promoting rural development; and (iii) accelerating progress in gender equality through the GAP. The proposed loan contributes to financial sector development by supporting the growth of an MFI, with microfinance being an important component of the financial sector in Pakistan.

    Safeguard Categories

    Involuntary Resettlement
    Indigenous Peoples

    Summary of Environmental and Social Aspects

    Environmental Aspects
    KF has an Environmental Policy to reduce its direct and indirect impact. Given KF's loan characteristics in terms of size, loan period and nature, transactions under KF will have minimal or no adverse environmental impacts.
    Involuntary Resettlement
    Unlikely to entail impacts on involuntary resettlement.
    Indigenous Peoples
    Unlikely to entail impacts on indigenous peoples.
    Stakeholder Communication, Participation, and Consultation


    Responsible ADB Officer
    Doukidis, Doukas
    Responsible ADB Division
    Portfolio Management Division, PSOD
    Responsible ADB Department
    Private Sector Operations Department

    Timetable for assistance design, processing, and implementation

    Concept Clearance
    19 Jun 2018
    Credit Committee Meeting
    26 Nov 2018
    04 Feb 2019
    Last PDS Update
    05 Oct 2023
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