ADB-ADBI Conference on Demographic Changes, Productivity, and the Role of Technology

13 June 2019 Tokyo, Japan

This roundtable is a T20 Japan associated event.


Demographic and technological changes are two megatrends shaping labor markets in Asia and the Pacific, the world’s fastest-growing economic region. Population aging, in particular, has profound implications for productivity while new technologies are rapidly transforming the nature of jobs and workplaces. Policymakers are under increasing pressure to address this transition, and there is a growing literature evaluating the processes driving it. What is less known is the nexus between demographics and technology, and how they interact and influence each other to stimulate growth. For instance, population aging is often blamed for growth and productivity stagnation, but anticipation of an aging society can also prompt firms to invest in labor-saving and productivity-enhancing technologies. Longevity and longer working lives encourage human capital investment, and greater availability of a mature and experienced workforce can complement technology.

The ADB 2019 Asian Economic Integration Report theme chapter looks at aging and demographic changes in the region and their impact on productivity. The aim is to highlight the role of technology in ensuring the sustainability of aging economies. This conference will examine the following questions raised in the ADB chapter to help identify how countries in the region can best promote and adopt innovations that turn demographic challenges into opportunities:


50 academics, policymakers, and representatives of international organizations and the private sector.

How to register

By invitation only.


Asian Development Bank (ADB)


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