Gender Equality Results Case Study: India – Infrastructure Development Investment Program for Tourism in Himachal Pradesh and Punjab

The program has contributed to economic growth, and provides evidence of the capacity of gender-responsive tourism development to promote community participation in tourism and enhance the status of women. This report looks at results in three areas: human capital and economic empowerment, the creation of spaces for women’s voices to be heard, and the promotion of equal rights. The case study affirms that a gender-inclusive design, coupled with effective implementation, gives women and men equal access to project benefits.

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Project Aims and Expected Outcomes
  • Opportunities and Challenges of Gender-Inclusive Tourism Development
  • Practical Approaches to Gender-Inclusive Tourism Development
  • Gender Equality Results: Key Achievements
  • Project Features Contributing to the Achievement of Gender Equality Results
  • Lessons and Ways Forward
  • Appendixes

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