Impact Evaluation of Energy Interventions: A Review of the Evidence

It reviews 85 impact evaluations of energy interventions in developing countries, summarizes findings on outcomes, identifies evidence gaps, and proposes ways forward. It notes that impact evaluation has so far focused on rural electrification and improved cookstoves, while most investments are in power generation and transmission. It highlights where future impact evaluation investments can best contribute new evidence and how such studies could be approached.

  • Key Messages
  • Importance of Impact Evaluation in the Energy Sector
  • Types of Energy Sector Interventions
  • Theories of Change for Energy Interventions
  • The Challenges of Evaluating Impacts of Energy Interventions
  • Impact Evaluations to Date
  • Common Impact Evaluation Designs in the Energy Sector
  • Outcomes Measured
  • Evidence Gaps
  • Future Studies
  • Conclusions
  • Appendixes

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