Kyrgyz Republic: Improving Growth Potential

The Kyrgyz Republic has overcome some complex challenges to now have one of the most open economies in Central Asia. The country has improved its per capita income and living standards and is on the threshold of becoming a lower-middle-income economy. Looking ahead, the main challenge for the Kyrgyz Republic is to build on these successes to stimulate stronger, more broad-based economic growth. This book identifies the economic and governance reforms needed within key sectors to drive this growth. It provides policy suggestions to enhance the country’s trade, agriculture, tourism, finance, information and communications technology, energy, transport and logistics, and human capital.

  • Introduction: The Kyrgyz Economy at the Crossroads
  • International Dimensions of Economic Transition: Trade, Foreign Direct Investment, and Labor Migration
  • Reinventing the Agriculture Sector
  • Leveraging Service Sector Growth in the Kyrgyz Republic
  • Digital Transformation and Opportunities in the Kyrgyz Republic
  • Transport and Logistics to Support Increased Trade and Inclusiveness
  • Human Resources Development for Inclusive Growth

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