Country Integrated Diagnostic on Environment and Natural Resources for Nepal

It reviews the country’s environmental situation, institutional and legislative provisions, status toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, and key challenges in creating environmentally sustainable, climate-friendly, disaster-resilient, and socially inclusive economic growth. Based on extensive stakeholder consultations and cause-and-effect analysis, the study recommends updating national and subnational environment policies and ensuring that national, provincial, and local levels of the new federal system are harmonized. Institutional strengthening and capacity building should also be conducted to improve environmental governance.

  • Introduction
  • The Environmental Context
  • The State of Environment
  • Institutional Arrangement for Environmental Safeguards
  • Mainstreaming Inclusive Green Growth
  • Integrated Diagnostic of Environment and Natural Resources
  • Environmental Directives for Country Operation by Achieving Inclusive Green Growth
  • Role of the Development Partners in Safeguards
  • Key Issues and Challenges
  • Recommendations

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