Project Name COVID-19 Emergency Response
Project Number 54338-001
Country / Economy Armenia
Project Status Closed
Project Type / Modality of Assistance Grant
Source of Funding / Amount
Grant 0729-ARM: COVID-19 Emergency Response
APDRF Government of Japan for COVID19 US$ 2.00 million
Operational Priorities OP1: Addressing remaining poverty and reducing inequalities
OP6: Strengthening governance and institutional capacity
Sector / Subsector

Health / Health system development

Gender No gender elements
Description The project will support will help alleviate financial resource constraints to meet immediate needs and deliver appropriate medical services where required. This may include (i) improving laboratory diagnostic and testing capacity and supplies, and (ii) supplies and equipment to enhance treatment capacity including in critical care units to help the government meet its most urgent gaps.
Project Rationale and Linkage to Country/Regional Strategy

As the COVID-19 pandemic is spread worldwide, the number of confirmed cases in Armenia accelerated over the past months. Community transmission has been confirmed on 27 May 2020. The increasing number of cases has already put considerable stress on the health system and with government lifting most restrictions, the number of confirmed cases has further significantly increased. While the government repurposed 9 hospitals to serve COVID-19 patients only, the number of hospital beds are running out and there is an increasing demand for health workers. On 8 June 2020, the Minister of Health announced an additional four regional medical centers will be repurposed to treat COVID-19 patients. For optimal use of hospital beds, since 20 May 2020, COVID-19 positive patients with no or mild symptoms are no longer hospitalized but are required to stay at home under surveillance of primary healthcare providers.

The government needs support to augment its healthcare capacity to ensure effective and timely life-saving efforts. Health systems capacities need to be strengthened to detect, test, isolate and treat cases effectively. This will require support in the provision of additional medical equipment and supplies to enhance laboratory and ICU capacity and ensure that the healthcare system is properly prepared, to cope with the increasing number of cases.


To alleviate financial resource constraints to meet immediate needs and deliver appropriate medical services where required.

Project Outcome
Description of Outcome

Improved capacity of Armenai in preparedness, prevention, and response to COVID-19 disease.

Progress Toward Outcome
Implementation Progress
Description of Project Outputs

Financial support provided to the government' to meet immediate needs and deliver appropriate medical services to combat COVID-19 disease outbreak

Status of Implementation Progress (Outputs, Activities, and Issues)
Geographical Location Nation-wide
Safeguard Categories
Environment FI
Involuntary Resettlement FI
Indigenous Peoples FI
Summary of Environmental and Social Aspects
Environmental Aspects
Involuntary Resettlement
Indigenous Peoples
Stakeholder Communication, Participation, and Consultation
During Project Design
During Project Implementation
Responsible ADB Officer Gyurjyan, Grigor
Responsible ADB Department Central and West Asia Department
Responsible ADB Division Armenia Resident Mission (ARRM)
Executing Agencies
Ministry of Finance (MOF)
Concept Clearance -
Fact Finding 07 Jul 2020 to 07 Jul 2020
MRM 19 Aug 2020
Approval 03 Aug 2020
Last Review Mission -
Last PDS Update 04 Aug 2020

Grant 0729-ARM

Approval Signing Date Effectivity Date Closing
Original Revised Actual
03 Aug 2020 27 Aug 2020 27 Aug 2020 27 Feb 2021 28 May 2021 16 Nov 2021
Financing Plan Grant Utilization
Total (Amount in US$ million) Date ADB Others Net Percentage
Project Cost 2.00 Cumulative Contract Awards
ADB 2.00 17 Jun 2022 2.00 0.00 100%
Counterpart 0.00 Cumulative Disbursements
Cofinancing 0.00 17 Jun 2022 2.00 0.00 100%
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