The Inter-Bank Bond Market in the People’s Republic of China: An ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide

The CIBM is one of only two bond markets in the country that are accessible to foreign investment; the other being the Exchange Bond Market. The legal and regulatory frameworks, features, challenges, and opportunities for the CIBM are outlined here. This edition is part the ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide series that provides country-specific information on the investment climate, rules, laws, opportunities, and characteristics of local bond markets in Asia and the Pacific.

  • Overview
  • Legal and Regulatory Framework
  • Inter-Bank Bond Market Characteristics
  • Bond and Note Transactions and Trading Market Infrastructure
  • Description of the Securities Settlement System
  • Fees and Taxation in the Inter-Bank Bond Market
  • Market Size and Statistics
  • Presence of an Islamic Bond Market
  • Challenges and Opportunities in the Inter-Bank Bond Market
  • Recent Developments and Future Direction
  • Appendixes

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