Project Name Climate Smart Irrigation Sector Development Project (formerly Water Resources Sector Development Program)
Project Number 54014-001
Country / Economy Georgia
Project Status Proposed
Project Type / Modality of Assistance Loan
Technical Assistance
Source of Funding / Amount
Loan: Preparing the Water Resources Sector Development Project
Ordinary capital resources US$ 15.00 million
Loan: Water Resources Sector Development Program
Ordinary capital resources US$ 30.00 million
TA: Climate Smart Irrigation Sector Development Project (formerly Water Resources Sector Development Program)
Technical Assistance Special Fund US$ 250,000.00
Operational Priorities OP2: Accelerating progress in gender equality
OP3: Tackling climate change, building climate and disaster resilience, and enhancing environmental sustainability
OP5: Promoting rural development and food security
OP6: Strengthening governance and institutional capacity
Sector / Subsector

Agriculture, natural resources and rural development / Agricultural production - Irrigation - Rural water policy, institutional and capacity development

Gender Effective gender mainstreaming
Description The program will be aligned with the following impact: agriculture production and food security improved (footnote 7). The program will have three outputs: the policy-based loan will support sector reforms under output 1, and the investment loan will support outputs 2 and 3. Sector reform is required to introduce sustainable food production systems under outputs 2 and 3. These outputs will result in the following outcome: modernized irrigation approaches implemented in eastern Georgia.
Project Rationale and Linkage to Country/Regional Strategy Georgia is a small open economy strategically located at a crossroad between Europe and Asia. A key sector of its economy is services, which employs 49.4% of the population and contributes 73.6% to gross domestic product (GDP), while manufacturing employs 5.6% of population and contributes 8.5% to GDP, and construction employs 4.1% of population and contributes 7.0% to GDP. Georgia's economic growth was strong in 2019 at 5.1%, up from 4.8% in 2018, which reflects record spending on public investment and a sharp rise in exports. Georgia's strong growth performance has not been matched by commensurate reductions in unemployment and poverty. The unemployment rate marginally declined to 11.6% in 2019 (from 12.7% in 2018) with significant underemployment in the agriculture and education sectors. The percentage of the population living below the national poverty line was 20.1% in 2019, compared to 36.9% in 2006.
Impact Agricultural production and food security in Georgia improved.??
Outcome Modernized irrigation approaches implemented in eastern Georgia??
Outputs Irrigation schemes modernized. (Investment component)??Innovative agriculture production systems demonstrated. (Investment component)??
Geographical Location Nation-wide, Kakheti
Safeguard Categories
Environment B
Involuntary Resettlement B
Indigenous Peoples C
Summary of Environmental and Social Aspects
Environmental Aspects
Involuntary Resettlement
Indigenous Peoples
Stakeholder Communication, Participation, and Consultation
During Project Design
During Project Implementation
Business Opportunities
Consulting Services All advance contracting will be undertaken in conformity with ADB Procurement Policy: Goods, Works, Non-consulting and Consulting Services (2017, as amended from time to time). The executing agency has been advised that approval of advance contracting does not commit ADB to finance the program. The issuance of invitations to bid under advance contracting will be subject to ADB approval.
Procurement The recommended project procurement classification is category A. Although project procurement is deemed 'low risk because no special or particularly large contract packages are expected, the EA and IA are new to ADB procedures.
Responsible ADB Officer Zhou, Yaozhou
Responsible ADB Department Central and West Asia Department
Responsible ADB Division Environment, Natural Resources & Agriculture Division, CWRD
Executing Agencies
Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture (MEPA)
Ministry of Finance
Concept Clearance 03 Dec 2020
Fact Finding 19 Sep 2022 to 30 Sep 2022
MRM 14 Jul 2023
Approval -
Last Review Mission -
Last PDS Update 08 Dec 2020
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