Project Name
Facilitating Youth School-to-Work Transition Program (Subprogram 3)
Project Number
Country / Economy
  • Philippines
Project Status
Project Type / Modality of Assistance
  • Loan
Source of Funding / Amount
Loan 4089-PHI: Facilitating Youth School-to-Work Transition Program (Subprogram 3)
Source Amount
Ordinary capital resources US$ 400.00 million
Operational Priorities
  • OP1: Addressing remaining poverty and reducing inequalities
  • OP2: Accelerating progress in gender equality
  • OP3: Tackling climate change, building climate and disaster resilience, and enhancing environmental sustainability
  • OP6: Strengthening governance and institutional capacity
Sector / Subsector
  • Education / Technical and vocational education and training

  • Public sector management / Economic affairs management

Gender equity theme

The proposed loan for $300 million loan represents the third subprogram of the Facilitating Youth School-to-Work Transition Program programmatic approach. It will help the government increase the income earning ability of Filipino youth consistent with the Philippine Development Plan, 20172022. Subprogram 3 comprises three reform areas:

(i) improving public employment facilitation services; (ii) enhancing skills development and training systems; and (iii) strengthening labor market policies.

Project Rationale and Linkage to Country/Regional Strategy
Subprogram 3 deepens the reforms to provide better employment opportunities for the youth, while incorporating innovative features to address the broader challenges to the labor market caused by the unprecedented community quarantine measures used to control the COVID-19 pandemic. A post-program partnership framework (P3F) for 20212022 has been included to ensure that the reforms are sustainable and to provide a foundation for the next program on post-COVID-19 business and employment recovery planned for 2022.

Wage employment rate for the country's youth increased

Project Outcome

Description of Outcome

School-to-work transition period for youth shortened

Progress Toward Outcome

Implementation Progress

Description of Project Outputs

Improved public employment facilitation services

Enhanced skills development and training systems

Strengthened labor market policies

Status of Implementation Progress (Outputs, Activities, and Issues)
Geographical Location

Safeguard Categories

Involuntary Resettlement
Indigenous Peoples

Summary of Environmental and Social Aspects

Environmental Aspects
The program is not expected to have any environmental impacts.
Involuntary Resettlement
The program is not expected to have any activities involving involuntary resettlement.
Indigenous Peoples
The program has no potential impact to the indigenous peoples.

Stakeholder Communication, Participation, and Consultation

During Project Design
During Project Implementation


Responsible ADB Officer
Jayawardana, Poornima G.W.
Responsible ADB Department
Southeast Asia Department
Responsible ADB Division
Public Management, Financial Sector and Trade Division, SERD
Executing Agencies
Department of Finance


Concept Clearance
09 Feb 2016
Fact Finding
19 Oct 2020 to 02 Mar 2021
12 May 2021
26 Jul 2021
Last Review Mission
Last PDS Update
27 Jul 2021


Loan 4089-PHI

Approval Signing Date Effectivity Date Closing
Original Revised Actual
26 Jul 2021 13 Aug 2021 21 Sep 2021 31 Aug 2022 - 31 Aug 2022
Financing Plan
  Total (Amount in US$ million)
Project Cost 400.00
ADB 400.00
Counterpart 0.00
Cofinancing 0.00
Loan Utilization
  Date ADB Others Net Percentage
Cumulative Contract Awards 20 Jun 2024 400.00 0.00 100%
Cumulative Disbursements 20 Jun 2024 400.00 0.00 100%
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