Safeguard Policy Statement Review and Update: Stakeholder Engagement Plan

The Safeguard Policy review and update (SPRU) process will adopt a robust Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP). The SEP describes the process and content for engagement with stakeholders throughout the SPRU process. The SEP adopts an inclusive and transparent consultation process to solicit feedback from the government, private sector, civil society organizations, affected communities, and other stakeholders that may be identified in the course of the review.

The SEP is a working document, and it is based on a set of firm principles of meaningful consultation and stakeholder engagement. It covers the whole cycle of engagement—from gathering comments, processing and responding to these comments, and ensuring that the responses are disclosed to the stakeholders (i.e. closing the feedback loop). As such, stakeholders will be consulted to help shape the SEP, which will be implemented over two years.


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