One Year of Living with COVID-19: An Assessment of How ADB Members Fought the Pandemic in 2020

The report analyzes the specific measures taken, classified into liquidity support, credit creation, long-term lending, equity support, and health and income support. The analysis focuses on the financial statement effects of a given measure, in particular: (i) who, if anyone, bears the financial burden of the measure and in what form?; and (ii) does the measure create more debt or more income (e.g., net worth or equity, other things being equal) for the recipients?

  • Introduction: COVID-19 and Its Impact
  • The ADB COVID-19 Policy Database
  • What Did Economies Do to Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020?
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Comparison of Packages for Selected Asian Countries
  • A Statistical Analysis of the Size of the Packages
  • How "Monetization" Really Works—Examples from Countries' Policy Responses to COVID-19
  • An Analysis of Changes in Sectoral Balances and Private Sector Financial Positions in 2020

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