The Impact of COVID-19 and Locust Invasion on Farm Households in Punjab and Sindh: Analysis from Cross-Sectional Surveys in Pakistan

The surveys found that the COVID-19 pandemic had significant negative impacts on farm households in the Sindh and Punjab provinces. The surveys among farmers in mid-2020 collected information about how COVID-19-related measures and economic and transport disruptions affected farm households. The paper provides additional context on COVID-19-related effects on local and regional economies and food supply chains. It also covers how the locust invasion has created “crisis within a crisis” in the surveyed provinces and exacerbated conditions that could lead to famine, disease, and increased poverty.

  • Executive Summary
  • COVID-19, Restrictions, and Central and West Asian Economies
  • COVID-19 and Restrictions on Food Supply Chains in Pakistan
  • Locust Swarms and Food Security in Pakistan
  • Sampled Farmers
  • Survey Results and Discussion
  • Government Action
  • Conclusion
  • Appendixes

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