Windows for Recovering Together and Stronger: Proceedings of the Global Dialogue 2022, A Flagship Event for T20 Indonesia

The dialogue focused on identifying challenges and policy options for managing the wide-scale disruptions caused by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic while grasping opportunities for an inclusive and sustainable economic recovery. The policy recommendations from the event will contribute to Think20 recommendations for leaders’ consideration at the G20 Summit in November 2022. The dialogue was held in Jakarta, Indonesia in April 2022 and was organized by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Jakarta in collaboration with ADB and the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia.

  • Introduction
  • Opening Session—Setting the Stage
  • COVID-19 and Global Health Cooperation
  • Towards Sustainable Recovery and Quality Growth
  • Macroeconomic Issues in Prospect of Recovery
  • Reviving Trade, Investment, and Connectivity
  • Building Human Capital for Social Cohesion and Inclusive Digital Economy
  • Closing Session: Way Forward for G20 Indonesia 2022
  • Appendixes

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