Common Threads: Lessons from Compliance Reviews—Strengthening the Fabric of Development Effectiveness

The commonalities point to the importance of project baseline data; meaningful stakeholder engagement; attention to vulnerable and disadvantaged people; understanding of ADB policies; prompt and regular assessments and monitoring; and timely and comprehensive remedial action plans. Attention to these issues can improve project design and reduce grievances, strengthening development effectiveness.

  • A Brief Background
  • FIRST COMMON THREAD: Importance of Comprehensive Baseline Data to Project Planning, Implementation, Monitoring, and Remediation
  • SECOND COMMON THREAD: Meaningful Stakeholder Engagement is Essential
  • THIRD COMMON THREAD: Particular Attention to Vulnerable Groups will Help Advance Inclusive Development
  • FOURTH COMMON THREAD: Importance of Understanding ADB Policies by Stakeholders
  • FIFTH COMMON THREAD: Importance of Understanding the ADB Accountability Mechanism Policy
  • SIXTH COMMON THREAD: The Value of Prompt and Regular Assessment and Monitoring of Project Implementation
  • SEVENTH COMMON THREAD: Importance of a Timely and Comprehensive Remedial Action Plan
  • Strengthening the Fabric of Development Effectiveness
  • Appendixes

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