ADBI-Stanford University Training Program on Case Writing for Public Policy: Introductory Course

20 February 2023 Online

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Hosted by ADBI and the Stanford University Leadership Academy for Development (LAD) for selected government officials from Asia and the Pacific, this training program will discuss how to create and utilize case studies to enhance policy development in the region. The third cohort of the program, it will consist of a virtual introductory course on 20-22 February and a three-session advanced course on 24-26 April (in-person), 8-9 June (virtual), and 26-28 June (virtual).

During the introductory course, participants will be expected to submit a brief case study project idea. At the conclusion the course, those who wish to enroll in sessions 1-3 of the advanced course will be expected to complete a more detailed case study proposal with the guidance of ADBI-Stanford University LAD experts. Participants can choose to submit the proposal individually or in small groups of no more than three people.

  • Explore how to use case studies to build the capacity of government officials to advance public policy priorities
  • Learn how to write case studies on policy lessons and innovation
  • Identify how to select case study topics and content and encourage audience engagement to optimize case study effectiveness
Target Participants

Selected government officials responsible for policy formulation and evaluation in Asian Development Bank developing member countries

  • Enhanced understanding of the value and application of case studies for developing public policy
  • Greater capacity among government officials from Asia and the Pacific to create case studies that boost domestic policy priorities
How to Join

Interested government officials from Asian Developing Bank developing member economies are welcome to apply by submitting this form by 28 December 2022

  • Stanford University Leadership Academy for Development, Center on Democracy Development and the Rule of Law

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