Project Name Supporting the Integration of Urban Climate and Disaster Resilience in ADB's Urban Operations
Project Number 54130-001
Country / Economy Regional
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Papua New Guinea
Solomon Islands
Viet Nam
Project Status Proposed
Project Type / Modality of Assistance Technical Assistance
Source of Funding / Amount
TA: Supporting the Integration of Urban Climate Resilience in ADB Operations
Urban Resilience Trust Fund US$ 3.00 million
Operational Priorities OP3: Tackling climate change, building climate and disaster resilience, and enhancing environmental sustainability
OP6: Strengthening governance and institutional capacity
OP7: Fostering regional cooperation and integration
Sector / Subsector

Multisector / ADB's corporate management, policy and strategy development

Water and other urban infrastructure and services / Other urban services

Gender Some gender elements
Description In supporting Asia and the Pacific region to combat climate change, ADB in 2021 announced its ambition to provide $100 billion in cumulative climate finance from its own resources by 2030, including $34 billion in cumulative adaptation finance. ADB has also committed to aligning its operations with the goals of the Paris Agreement, and to ensure that all project activities advance low-carbon and climate resilient-development pathways as stated in the Paris Agreement goals. Meanwhile, ADB's guidance documents in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and in promoting Livable Cities also outline climate resilience as one of the pillars to build back better and to ensure inclusive, healthy, environmentally sustainable, and resilient cities. As a continuation of the support through UCCRTF, this TA will strengthen ADB's increased climate resilience ambition.
Project Rationale and Linkage to Country/Regional Strategy The TA will help implement Strategy 2030's Operational Priority 4: Making Cities More Livable by supporting the integration of URTF principles into ADB operations.14 The URTF principles recognize infrastructure resilience, ecological resilience, social and institutional resilience, and financial resilience as four pillars of building urban climate and disaster resilience. These four principles, also reflected in seven URTF thematic areas,15 contribute to promoting a cross-sector and thematic way of doing business aligned with the One ADB approach, which promotes collaboration across sectors, themes, and departments. This TA will mobilize a team of experts to work under the guidance of URTF's Governance Structure (including Urban Infrastructure Working Group and Urban Infrastructure Steering Committee), operations departments, and sector and thematic groups (STGs) to identify resilience focused entry points for all outputs. A core group from these experts will, among other technical work, provide secretariat support to URTF management.
Impact DMC cities made more livable and resilient to climate change and disasters??
Outcome DMC cities' capability to deal with climate and disaster risks and stresses increased??
Outputs URTF principles mainstreamed in selected DMC cities??Selected ADB projects designed and implemented with URTF principles??Knowledge and capacity of DMC cities relating to urban climate and disaster resilience improved??
Geographical Location Bangladesh - Nation-wide; Cambodia - Nation-wide; India - Nation-wide; Indonesia - Nation-wide; Kiribati - Nation-wide; Lao People's Democratic Republic - Nation-wide; Nepal - Nation-wide; Papua New Guinea - Nation-wide; Philippines - Nation-wide; Solomon Islands - Nation-wide; Tuvalu - Nation-wide; Vanuatu - Nation-wide; Viet Nam - Nation-wide
Summary of Environmental and Social Aspects
Environmental Aspects
Involuntary Resettlement
Indigenous Peoples
Stakeholder Communication, Participation, and Consultation
During Project Design
During Project Implementation
Responsible ADB Officer Lee, Hong Soo
Responsible ADB Department Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department
Responsible ADB Division SDSC-URB
Executing Agencies
Asian Development Bank
Concept Clearance 13 Feb 2023
Fact Finding -
Approval -
Last Review Mission -
Last PDS Update 18 Feb 2023
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