Metals and Plastic Recycling in Maldives

Estimating under 2 percent of plastic waste is recycled in the island nation, it outlines how factors including high costs, inefficient collection efforts, and a lack of reprocessing facilities are hobbling recycling efforts. It recommends Maldives set up public–private partnerships with waste exporters and recyclers, incentivize domestic demand, and build a modern waste collection system to protect its environment and start the transition to a circular economy.

  • Introduction
  • Methodology and Limitations
  • Legislative and Institutional Framework Related to Waste Management and Recycling in Maldives
  • Status of Recycling in Maldives
  • Viability of Business Models of Scrap Metal Exporters and Plastic Waste Exporters
  • Production and Recovery of Polyethylene Terephthalate in Maldives
  • Local Material Recovery and Recycling Initiatives, Challenges, and Export Outlook of Metals and Plastic Materials for Recycling
  • Conclusions and Recommendations

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