Indonesia’s Technology Startups: Voices from the Ecosystem

Drawing on interviews with founders and other stakeholders, the report analyzes the prospects for tech startups in agriculture, the green economy, health, and education. It examines the active role of government and looks at funding options, including venture capital. It explains why it is difficult for founders to obtain funding in the early stages of development and outlines how Indonesia can develop its talent pools and provide support to help its startups survive and thrive. It is the eighth country report in the series Ecosystems for Technology Startups in Asia and the Pacific.

  • Introduction
  • Key Components and Startup Evolution
  • Support Needed at Each Stage of the Life Cycle
  • Agriculture and Agritech
  • Education and Edtech
  • Health and Healthtech
  • Environment, Climate Change, and Greentech
  • Recommendations
  • Appendix: Government Startup Support Programs

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