The Ocean–Energy Economy: A Multifunctional Approach

Providing an overview of ADB’s Marine Aquaculture, Reefs, Renewable Energy, and Ecotourism for Ecosystem Services (MARES) project, it examines stressors impacting the region’s oceans and examines the benefits of multifunctional approaches. It considers emerging ocean entrepreneurship and shows how adopting a holistic blue economy vision can produce a regenerative marine environment, support coastal communities, and help meet climate goals.

  • Seascape: An Introduction to the Blue Economy
    • Oceans in Crisis
    • A New Blue Lens
    • Investment in Blue Economy Innovation
  • Powering the Future: The Promise of Marine Renewable Energy
    • Harnessing Marine Renewable Energy
    • Marine Renewable Energy in Action: Innovation and Risk Analysis
    • Marine Hydrogen: Harnessing Market
    • The MARES Multifunction Approach
  • Ocean Nations in Control
    • In Focus: The Marshall Islands
    • In Focus: Palau
    • A Principles-Led Approach
  • Going Forward
    • Recap of the MARES Approach
  • Appendixes

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