Partnering for COVID-19 Response and Recovery: The Asian Development Bank’s Support to India

As its long-standing partner, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) proactively supported the government’s strategic, multisectoral, and well-planned intervention. ADB effectively realigned its operational priorities and internal business processes to provide swift, systematic, and concerted support during this period to help India deal with the immediate and long-term pandemic impacts.

  • India and the Pandemic
  • ADB as India’s Long-Standing Development Partner
  • Standing with India during the Pandemic
  • Controlling the Contagion: ADB Assistance in Rolling Out and Ramping Up the COVID-19 Vaccination Drive in India
  • ADB Support to the Private Sector during the Pandemic
  • ADB’s Value Addition to India’s COVID-19 Response
  • ADB Partnering with India on the Economic Recovery Path
  • Beyond the Pandemic: The Enduring ADB-India Partnership
  • Appendixes

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