Asian Development Outlook (ADO) April 2024

Regional inflation will moderate further, as global food and fuel prices stabilize. However, several risks warrant attention. Escalating conflicts and geopolitical tensions may disrupt supply chains and impact commodity prices. Uncertainty surrounding US monetary policy, potential further weakness in the property market in the People’s Republic of China, and extreme weather events could present challenges for the region. Policymakers should intensify efforts to bolster resilience by fostering trade, cross-border investment, and commodity supply networks.

  • ADO 2024—Highlights
  • Robust Growth amid Uncertain External Prospects
    • Growth Momentum Continues as Inflation Eases
    • Regional Outlook Remains Resilient Even with Growth Decelerating in the PRC
    • Several Downside Risks Could Weigh on the Regional Outlook
    • Special Topic: Asia’s Rebounding Semiconductor Sector and the Role of Artificial Intelligence
    • Annex: Global Growth Slows Slightly as Inflation Tamed
  • Economic Trends and Prospects in Developing Asia
    • Caucasus and Central Asia 
    • East Asia 
    • South Asia 
    • Southeast Asia 
    • The Pacific 
  • Statistical Appendix

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