Low-Cost Carrier Opportunities, Air Transport Liberalization, and Post-Pandemic Recovery in CAREC

It analyzes the market’s development, shows how countries have adopted more flexible aviation policies, and explains the need for greater liberalization and a more supportive market environment. It recommends countries work with the private sector to develop airports, eliminate regional visa requirements, and diversify international and regional air travel markets to help low-cost carriers maximize their potential and accelerate growth.

  • Background and Introduction
  • Overview of Low-Cost Carriers in CAREC
  • Overview of Market Recovery in CAREC
  • Opportunities: Intra-CAREC Market
  • Opportunities: Domestic Market
  • Opportunities: International Market (Excluding Intra-CAREC)
  • Opportunities: Airport Infrastructure Focused on Low-Cost Carriers
  • Case Study 1: Azerbaijan and Buta Airways
  • Case Study 2: Georgia and Kutaisi Airport (Wizz Air Base)
  • Case Study 3: Kazakhstan and FlyArystan
  • Case Study 4: Kyrgyz Republic and Air Manas
  • Case Study 5: Mongolia and Eznis Airways
  • Case Study 6: Uzbekistan and Uzbekistan Express

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