Japan Special Fund and Trust Funds

Japan has been the top contributor to ADB's Special Funds, such as the Asian Development Fund, ADB Institute, and Japan Special Fund.

Asian Development Fund


Japan is the largest contributor to the Asian Development Fund (ADF), ADB’s window for concessional lending to its borrowing members. Its contributions to the ADF (including committed funds at exchange rates per resolution) totaled $11.96 billion as of 2015. ADF is a partnership between ADB and its member countries. Financed mainly by contributions of ADB members, ADF supports the economic and social development of the most vulnerable countries in the region. More

ADB Institute Special Fund


This special fund meets the operating costs of the ADB Institute (ADBI), a key Asian think tank established in 1996 as a subsidiary body of ADB. The ADBI Fund is administered by ADB in accordance with the statute of ADBI. ADBI is currently funded by Japan, Australia, and the Republic of Korea.

In June 2015, the Government of Japan committed its 25th contribution for ¥672 million ($5 million equivalent) and in December 2015, committed its 26th contribution for ¥672 million ($6 million equivalent). More

Japan Special Fund 


The Japan Special Fund (JSF) was established in 1988 when ADB, acting as the administrator, entered into a financial arrangement with the Government of Japan, which agreed to make the initial contribution to help ADB’s developing member countries (DMCs) restructure their economies and broaden the scope of opportunities for new investments, mainly through technical assistance operations.

As of 31 December 2015, Japan’s cumulative contribution to the fund since inception amounted to ¥113 billion ($974 million equivalent), comprising regular contributions of ¥95 billion ($823 million equivalent) and supplementary contributions of ¥18 billion ($151 million equivalent). The uncommitted balance was $68 million as of 31 December 2015 ($65 million as of 31 December 2014). More

Technical Assistance Special Fund 


Japan also contributes to the Technical Assistance Special Fund (TASF), which provides grants to borrowing members to facilitate the flow and efficient utilization of development finance to DMCs and to enhance their development capacity. As of 2015, committed contributions of Japan to the TASF amounted to $495.34 million.

Other funds supported by Japan


Japan has contributed to other funds administered by ADB, including the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction and Asian Clean Energy Fund. For the updated list of these funds, visit the Funds and Resources section.