How ADB is Helping the Poor in the Pacific

The Pacific Liaison and Coordination Office (PLCO) in Sydney, Australia performs many of the standard functions of ADB's country offices such as country programming, processing and administration. PLCO is also firmly committed to promoting private sector development.

PLCO is also involved in:

  • policy advice
  • institution building
  • increasing access to finance and state owned enterprise (SOE)
  • infrastructure reforms

In keeping with its liaison functions, this office facilitates country reporting and updating, aid coordination, and external relations and information dissemination.

The strategic location in Sydney allows ADB to be more responsive to the needs of the Pacific. It also promotes stronger relations with key bilateral development partners like Australia and New Zealand. It also allows ADB to work closely with donor partners.

Through this office, ADB reaffirms its shared long-term mission to reduce poverty and deliver high quality services to Pacific people.

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