Changchun--Harbin Expressway Project in the People's Republic of China (Loans 1641/1642-PRC)

This report evaluates the performance of the Changchun-Harbin Expressway Project, which was provided by ADB to the Government of the People's Republic of China (PRC) in November 1998.

The Changchun-Harbin Expressway was one of the priority sections of the national trunk highway system in PRC. The expressway project was to serve as the link between existing expressways in the northeast corridor section, and complement and enhance previous investments. It consists of the Hashuang Expressway in Heilongjiang province and the Changyu Expressway in Jilin province.

The Project aimed to promote economic growth in northeastern PRC and was in line with ADB's strategic objective of promoting growth and reducing poverty. The Project was evaluated against the new project outcome as revised during evaluation, which is road transport efficiency and improved safety, bearing in mind five project outputs:

Overall, the Project was rated highly successful.

Summary of Findings





Lessons Identified





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