Emergency Flood Rehabilitation Project (Loan 1714-TAJ)

ADB provided the Government of Tajikistan a $5 million loan for this first emergency assistance project in December 1999. This evaluation tried to ascertain whether the Project met its objectives of restoring key infrastructure to pre-disaster levels and bringing back to normal conditions the lives of affected people.

In line with ADB's policy on Rehabilitation Assistance after Disasters (1989), the Project aimed to demonstrate reduced poverty and assist in quick economic and social recovery efforts of the Government in the severely affected regions of Sughd and Khatlon oblasts, the Regions of Republican Subordination, and the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region. The Project was evaluated against the outcome of restored economic activity in these regions bearing in mind the following output categories:

Summary of Findings

Of the 37 subprojects (out of 85) inspected by the Operations Evaluation Mission, the physical condition of 57% of the subprojects visited are rated good to fair, while 43% are rated poor or destroyed. Subprojects in power and telecommunications performed best, while water management subprojects were worst performers. Affected communities confirmed satisfaction with the relief measures and the relocation centers although most still returned to their original homes. The impact of the technical assistance accompanying this loan for the development of capacity building for disaster management was limited by the inefficient recruitment of international consultants.




Overall, the Project was rated 'successful'.

Lessons Identified








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