Cofinancing with Japan

Investment Projects Cofinanced with Japan, 1 January 2011-31 December 2015

Country Project ADB Amounta ($ million) Cofinancing Amount ($ million) Type of Cofinancingb
Afghanistan Community-Based Irrigation Rehabilitation and Development 10.00 G
Afghanistan Enhanced Agricultural Value Chains for Sustainable Livelihoods 18.50 G
Bangladesh Institutional Support for Migrant Workers’ Remittances 2.00 G
Bangladesh Khulna Water Supply 75.00 184.00 O
Bangladesh Pilot Project on Weather Index-Based Crop Insurance 2.00 G
Bangladesh Public–Private Infrastructure Development Facility 1.30 2.00 G
Bangladesh Second Public–Private Infrastructure Development Facility 110.00 96.00 O
Bangladesh Third Primary Education Development 320.00 30.00 G
Bhutan Advancing Economic Opportunities of Women and Girls 1.95 G
Cambodia Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction 2.50 G
Cambodia Improving Market Access for the Poor in Central Cambodia 1.90 G
India Clean Energy Finance Investment Program – Tranche 1 280.00 O
India Livelihood Improvement for River Erosion Victims in Assam 2.50 G
Indonesia Inclusive Growth through Improved Connectivity Program – Subprogram 2 400.00 200.00 O
Kyrgyz Republic Women’s Entrepreneurship Development 1.50 G
Maldives Preparing Outer Islands for Sustainable Energy Development – Additional Financing 38.00 5.00 G
Mongolia Establishment of Climate-Resilient Rural Livelihoods 2.50 G
Mongolia Improving School Dormitory Environment for Primary Students in Western Region 3.00 G
Mongolia Integrated Livelihoods Improvement and Sustainable Tourism in Khuvsgul Lake National Park 3.00 G
Myanmar Economic Empowerment of the Poor and Women in the East-West Economic Corridor Project 3.00 G
Myanmar Enhancing Rural Livelihoods and Incomes 12.00 G
Myanmar Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) Capacity Building for HIV/AIDS Prevention 10.00 G
Myanmar Pro-Poor Community Infrastructure and Basic Services 4.00 G
Nepal Disaster Risk Reduction and Livelihoods Restoration for Earthquake-Affected Communities 15.00 G
Nepal Reducing Child Malnutrition through Social Protection 2.00 G
Nepal Support for Targeted and Sustainable Development Programs for Highly Marginalized Groups 2.70 G
Nepal South Asia Tourism Infrastructure Development – Additional Financing 30.00 3.00 G
Nepal Tanahu Hydropower 150.00 184.00 O
Pakistan Sustainable Energy Sector Reform Program – Subprogram 1 (additional) 49.00 O
Papua New Guinea Improved Energy Access for Rural Communities 2.50 G
Philippines Agribusiness Development Assistance for Smallholders in Mindanao 2.00 G
Philippines Emergency Assistance and Early Recovery for Poor Municipalities Affected by Typhoon Yolanda 20.00 G
Philippines Enhancing Access to Quality Early Childhood Education Services for Children in Poor Communities 1.50 G
Philippines Increasing Competitiveness for Inclusive Growth Program  – Subprogram1 350.00 100.00 O
Philippines Promoting Partnerships and Innovation in Poor and Undeserved Communities 1.50 G
Samoa Community Sanitation 2.00 G
Sri Lanka Improving Community-Based Rural Water Supply and Sanitation in Post-Conflict Areas of Jaffna and Kilinochchi 2.00 G
Tajikistan Improved Maternal and Child Health through Connectivity 2.50 G
Thailand Community-Based Flood Risk Management and Disaster Response in the Chao Phraya Basin 2.00 G
Timor-Leste Road Network Upgrading 40.00 68.70 O
Uzbekistan Amu Bukhara Irrigation System Rehabilitation 220.00 100.00 O
Vanuatu Cyclone Pam School Reconstruction 5.00 G
Viet Nam Energy Efficiency for Ho Chi Minh City Water Supply 2.00 G
Viet Nam Greater Mekong Subregional Ben Luc–Long Thanh Expressway – Tranche 1 350.00 181.45 O
Viet Nam Improving Competitiveness Program 230.00 150.00 O
Regional Developing Sustainable Alternative Livelihoods in Coastal Fishing Communities in the Coral Triangle 2.00 G
Regional Greater Mekong Subregion: Livelihood Support for Corridor Towns 2.50 G
Regional Improved Gender-Inclusive Access to Clean and Renewable Energy in Bhutan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka 3.00 G

– = nil.
a Loan, grant, or blend.
b C = commercial cofinancing, G = grant cofinancing, O = official loan cofinancing.


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