Project Name Natural Disaster Risk Management in the Southern Mountain Area in Jiangxi
Project Number 47073-001
Country China, People's Republic of
Project Status Closed
Project Type / Modality of Assistance Technical Assistance
Source of Funding / Amount
TA 8628-PRC: Natural Disaster Risk Management in the Southern Mountain Area in Jiangxi
Technical Assistance Special Fund US$ 350,000.00
Strategic Agendas Inclusive economic growth
Drivers of Change Governance and capacity development
Knowledge solutions
Sector / Subsector

Agriculture, natural resources and rural development - Irrigation - Land-based natural resources management - Water-based natural resources management

Gender Equity and Mainstreaming

The Government of the People''s Republic of China (PRC) through the Office of the Mountain-River-Lake Development Committee of Jiangxi Province (MRLDO) requested capacity development technical assistance (TA) from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for Natural Disaster Risk Management in the Southern Mountain Area in Jiangxi. The TA was included in ADB''s country operations business plan, 2013 2015 for the PRC. A TA reconnaissance mission was conducted during 21 24 October 2013.

The impact of the TA will be reductions in disaster risks to sustainable development in the Gannan Mountain area. The outcome of the TA will be improved policies and increased local capacity in the Gannan Mountain area to manage disaster risk and adapt to climate change. The expected outputs of the TA will include the following: (i) natural disaster risk assessment of the Gannan Mountain area; (ii) an integrated DRM (IDRM) plan prepared for the Gannan Mountain area; and (iii) training and capacity development for IDRM in the Gannan Mountain area. The TA will specifically develop an IDRM policy brief as a knowledge product.

Project Rationale and Linkage to Country/Regional Strategy

The Twelfth Five-Year Plan of the Mountain-River-Lake Development Program lists disaster prevention and reduction in the drainage basin as a priority. The PRC has developed a comprehensive system of DRM, including prevention, reduction, preparation, relief, and reconstruction. However, DRM currently emphasizes generalities, strategies, and procedures rather than case studies, practical applications, and operations. DRM is very compartmentalized, with knowledge concentrated at the top levels of provincial and central government; and focused on institutional and/or organizational aspects of DRM and recovery following disasters. Disaster warnings from the central and/or provincial governments are transmitted through cell phone calls to specific individuals in the villages considered to be at risk. The MRLDO seeks to address these issues in part through (i) an expansion of community involvement in DRM, (ii) policy recommendations to improve DRM, and (iii) the development of specific technical solutions to reduce risks and mitigate the impacts of disasters on agriculture-based livelihoods in the Gannan Mountain area. The TA will provide a framework to identify and select effective, sustainable, and feasible actions to mitigate risks to local communities.

The TA will build on recommendations and lessons from previous experiences with the Deutsche Gesellschaft f r Internationale Zusammenarbeit, the ProVention Consortium, the United Nations, the PRC's early warning systems for agricultural freezing in Gannan, and ADB studies. Lessons include the importance of stakeholder participation in operationalization and disaster prevention, and the role of early warning in reducing economic losses. Preliminary experience with a pilot forest insurance initiative for natural risk mitigation in the ongoing Jiangxi Sustainable Forest Ecosystem Development Project will be used as a foundation for the assessment of potential disaster insurance. The TA will complement community activities piloted in one village in 2008 by the MRLDO. The pilot focused on increasing the capacity of farmers to acquire, understand, and apply meteorological information to disaster management. Activities included participatory rural appraisals, socioeconomic and environmental surveys, and capability building. In cooperation with the village council, an information transfer network was enhanced by setting up an information assistance group. The scope of the pilot was limited, but is nevertheless relevant. The policy and technical recommendations from this TA will be used by local communities, state-owned enterprises, farmers' cooperatives, and the private sector to reduce disaster risk; and will support decision making by the MRLDO. The findings may be used to develop a potential project proposal.

Impact Reductions in disaster risks to sustainable development in the Gannan Mountain area

Project Outcome

Description of Outcome Improved policies and increased local capacity in the Gannan Mountain area to manage disaster risk and adapt to climate change
Progress Toward Outcome
Implementation Progress
Description of Project Outputs

1. Natural disaster risk assessment in the Gannan Mountain area

2. An integrated disaster risk management plan prepared for the Gannan Mountain area

3. Training and capacity development in the Gannan Mountain area

Status of Implementation Progress (Outputs, Activities, and Issues)

The final review mission fielded in Dec 2015 was successful and well attended. The integrated disaster risk management (IDRM) plan for the Gannan mountain area, the policy brief, as well as the final report have been finalized.

An additional output was prepared by the consultant, the IDRM methodology to guide the process for creating a community-based IDRM plan which was well received by the stakeholders.

Geographical Location

Summary of Environmental and Social Aspects

Environmental Aspects
Involuntary Resettlement
Indigenous Peoples
Stakeholder Communication, Participation, and Consultation
During Project Design The MRLDO will be the executing agency for the TA. A TA management office (TMO) will be established in the MRLDO's International Cooperation Division to carry out day-to-day TA operations. The director of the MRLDO's International Cooperation Division will serve as the TMO executive director and will be responsible for coordinating operational matters and technical collaboration with the consultants.
During Project Implementation

ADB will undertake intensive review and supervision by fielding missions at critical stages of TA implementation particularly inception, midterm, and final reviews; and by extending regular support from the ADB headquarters and the PRC Resident Mission. The MRLDO will ensure relevant offices and departments including the departments of agriculture, forestry, land resources, mining, and water resources; the meteorology bureau; and others at city and provincial levels participate in meetings and workshops during the inception, interim, midterm, and final stages of TA implementation.

The consultants will submit an inception report to ADB within 6 weeks of TA commencement, and an interim report 7 months after TA commencement. A draft final report will be submitted to ADB 12 months after TA commencement, and a final report at TA conclusion. The inception, interim, and draft final reports will be subject to review by ADB and the government. All reports will be written in English and translated into Chinese.

The TA results will be disseminated through project reports, TA workshops, and media releases by ADB and the MRLDO. An IDRM policy brief will be developed and disseminated in hard copy by ADB, the PRC Resident Mission, and the MRLDO; and will be posted on the ADB website. An outcome evaluation will follow ADB guidelines, and will be provided to the MRLDO.

Business Opportunities

Consulting Services ADB will engage the consultants following its Guidelines on the Use of Consultants (2013, as amended from time to time). The consulting firm will be selected using biodata technical proposals and the quality- and cost-based selection, with a quality-cost weighting ratio of 90:10 given the high technical complexity.
Procurement Procurement under the TA will follow ADB's Procurement Guidelines (2013, as amended from time to time) and equipment purchased will be turned over to the executing agency upon TA completion.

Responsible Staff

Responsible ADB Officer Robertson, Suzanne Kay
Responsible ADB Department East Asia Department
Responsible ADB Division Environment, Natural Resources & Agriculture Division, EARD
Executing Agencies
Office of the Mountain-River-Lake Development Committee of Jiangxi Province
No. 14, North One Road, Provincial Government Complex, Nanchang City 330046 PRC


Concept Clearance 08 Jan 2014
Fact Finding 21 Oct 2013 to 24 Oct 2013
Approval 28 Mar 2014
Last Review Mission -
Last PDS Update 30 Mar 2016

TA 8628-PRC

Approval Signing Date Effectivity Date Closing
Original Revised Actual
28 Mar 2014 22 Apr 2014 22 Apr 2014 30 Sep 2015 31 Mar 2016 -
Financing Plan/TA Utilization Cumulative Disbursements
ADB Cofinancing Counterpart Total Date Amount
Gov Beneficiaries Project Sponsor Others
350,000.00 0.00 70,000.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 420,000.00 28 Mar 2014 312,420.19

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