Employment Insights for Women Professionals: A Guide for Prospective Applicants

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is committed to promoting an environment that values and rewards the contributions of women, both in our institution and in our work with developing Asia and the Pacific.

We believe that our employees' expertise is key to achieving ADB's mission of a region free of poverty. We aim to recruit exceptionally qualified women and men to pursue this mission, and we particularly want to attract more women professionals to achieve our goal of gender equality.

To this end, ADB has instituted measures to improve our recruitment processes and procedures, and cultivate an organizational value of appreciating diversity and gender equality. The representation of women on ADB's professional staff has grown steadily from 12% in 1995 to about 30% today. Women contribute remarkably to ADB's success in all parts of our operations, both in headquarters and field offices, in areas as diverse as environmental protection, gender and development, private sector development, and regional cooperation.

We are aware that some women may have specific questions when considering a job offer and relocating to a new place of work. This guide has been prepared as a resource for women professionals who are exploring career opportunities with ADB.



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