Managing Asian Cities

The challenge of urbanization in Asia is unprecedented - some 1.1 billion people will move to cities in the next 20 years. Managing Asian Cities aims to provide a useful management resource, canvassing key issues and pointing managers to appropriate responses to problems; and, second, provide the initial step in a new phase of ADB's continuing support to Asian cities under its Strategy 2020.

The study is organized in two parts. The first reviews the existing situation. The second presents options for improved urban management practice.

Throughout the report, when options for solving problems are suggested, we distinguish between cities of differing wealth, size, and capacity. We also focus on a city's self-reliance, suggesting ways in which different types of cities can take on more responsibility for their own development. Last, we focus on how to establish enabling frameworks for urban development. Rather than suggesting prescriptive interventions, we concentrate on government as less of a doer and more of a facilitator for the community and private sector.



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