Second High-Level Workshop on Inland Waterway Transport: Workshop Proceedings

Inland waterway transport is a low-cost, environmentally friendly way of transporting people and goods but countries in Asia and the Pacific have yet to realize its full potential. Noting the large opportunity for work in this area, (ADB organized an international workshop in Chongqing, People's Republic of China in September 2012 to provide a forum for ADB developing member countries to share experiences on how to realize the potential of inland waterway transport. Building on the findings of the Chongqing workshop, ADB hosted a second inland waterway workshop at its headquarters, on 15 and 16 July 2013, to further facilitate the advancement of support for inland waterway transport.

This document summarizes the proceedings of the 2nd High-Level Workshop on Inland Waterway Transport, held in Manila, Philippines from 15 to 16 July 2013.

The 2-day workshop allowed participants to understand the various applications of IWT in the larger context of a transport network, and understand the success factors and barriers facing IWT development and management.



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