The State of Pacific Towns and Cities: Urbanization in ADB's Pacific Developing Member Countries

In late 2009, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) launched a new Pacific Approach, a framework for its role in the development of its 14 Pacific developing member countries (DMCs). The Pacific Approach expresses concern for the poorly managed urbanization processes in the Pacific DMCs and recognizes the strain urbanization has placed on urban infrastructure and services. Selecting urban development as one of its operational priorities, the Pacific Approach commits ADB to supporting good urban development through the supply and delivery of urban services in the Pacific.

This publication examines the urbanization process in the Pacific, the condition of urban infrastructure and services across the region, and the urban governance and management systems in place to manage urban development. The report points to ways in which ADB, Pacific DMC governments, and other urban stakeholders can improve urban governance, management, and development within the Pacific.

This report expands on the earlier publication of the same title which presented the highlights of the research on urbanization in the Pacific.



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