The Independent Evaluation Department (IED) independently and systematically evaluates ADB policies, strategies, operations, and special concerns that relate to organizational and operational effectiveness. By doing so, it contributes to achieving development effectiveness of ADB operations by providing evaluation feedback on performance, and generating and disseminating evaluation lessons.

There are two levels of evaluation in ADB:



IED’s mandate is to undertake evaluation activities to help ADB Management and developing member country stakeholders who are responsible for planning, designing, and implementing projects and programs to understand whether resources have been well spent, and whether the planned outcomes have been achieved.

Evaluation independence


To be credible and to provide an objective performance assessment, the evaluation function must be independent from project or program design and implementation. To fulfill its mission effectively, IED develops and sustains a reputation for excellence by following the principles of independence, impartiality, and integrity. Drawing on the good practice standards of evaluation agencies, IED has recognized and adopted four dimensions of evaluation independence:


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