Cooperation Fund for Fighting HIV/AIDS

What is the Cooperation Fund for Fighting HIV/AIDS?

The Cooperation Fund for Fighting HIV/AIDS was established in 2005. Its main goal is to assist ADB developing member countries (DMCs) in their fight against HIV/AIDS. The objective is to support and strengthen the efforts of DMCs in developing comprehensive responses to the HIV/AIDS epidemic with a focus on current and new areas where partnership with ADB will be of strategic value.

What are the priorities?

Priority is given to activities that occur in subregions, countries, or communities that are especially poor and vulnerable to, or affected by, HIV/AIDS. This includes activities that can be appropriately integrated into ADB programs and projects and are consistent with ADB’s country strategy and program.

What kind of activities are eligible for the grant?

Activities financed by the fund should be in line with, and supportive of, the UNAIDS established principles of “three ones” established by the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS):

Who is eligible to receive the funding?

The fund is open to all ADB DMCs with priority given to:

Who supports the fund? 

Sweden has made an initial contribution of approximately $14.3 million to be provided for an initial period of four years that started in early 2005.


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