Water Financing Partnership Facility (WFPF)

What is the WFPF?

The WFPF mobilizes additional financial and knowledge resources from various development partners to support the Water Financing Program (WFP) implementation. Established in November 2006 with initial contributions targeted at $100 million, the Facility has since provided the WFP with additional financial resources and technical support for components of investment projects, technical assistance operations, knowledge management, and regional cooperation.

What are the priorities?

The WFPF's resources finance direct project support and program quality support.

Direct project support covers the WFP's three investment areas:

Support for program quality facilitates reforms and strengthen capacity, and help ensure quality, synergy, and innovation in WFP implementation. It finances projects and activities supporting:

In terms of specific focus over the next ten years (2011-2020) of the Facility's operation, WFPF will support the following priority thrusts embodied in ADB's Water Operational Plan 2011-2020:

What kinds of activities are eligible for the fund's resources?

The WFPF finances activities designed to result in significantly more people in the Asia and Pacific region with access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation, higher productivity and efficiency of irrigation and drainage services, more people with reduced risk of flooding, and more river basins implementing integrated water resources management. The WFPF activities are clustered based on the following target outputs:

What will donors gain from contributing to the facility?

Investing in the WFPF gives partners the following benefits:

Who supports the fund?

Australia, Austria, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and Switzerland support the fund.


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