Core Sectors

In its private sector operations, ADB builds on its existing strengths in the infrastructure and capital markets / financial sectors, and seeks to assist private sector projects in these two areas in developing member countries (DMCs).

Infrastructure sector

In infrastructure and project finance, ADB's Private Sector Operations Department (PSOD) is focused on the following core sectors of operation:

Sector-specific engagements are guided by ADB's strategic agenda at the country level, which in turn reflects client demand. ADB provides assistance in the form of equity, loans and guarantees, as well as B loans (complementary financing scheme) for infrastructure projects. ADB can also assist in arranging parallel financing. We support subsovereign, municipal, corporate and privatization of infrastructure projects. ADB also provides financing for existing infrastructure projects that need to upgrade or expand their facilities to achieve operating efficiencies. Financial restructuring of existing infrastructure projects that were financed with debt denominated in foreign currency and/or used short-term facilities may also be considered for assistance by ADB. PSOD is also encouraging and financing "clean" and renewable technologies appropriate for local settings.

The Infrastructure Finance Division 1 (PSIF1) undertakes projects in Central and West Asia and South Asia while the Infrastructure Finance Division 2 (PSIF2) covers East Asia, the Pacific, and Southeast Asia.

Financial Sectors and Capital Markets 1 / Funds (including but not limited to private equity funds, venture capital funds, etc.)2

ADB supports the development of financial sectors and capital markets to facilitate the mobilization of foreign and domestic capital to productive sectors of the economy.

We fund or facilitate funding of financial institutions so they can, in turn, finance small and medium enterprises, microenterprises, housing mortgages, and other underserved sectors that ADB may not be able to assist directly. Where needed, we help create and build sustainable financial institutions, usually in partnership with like-minded strategic investors.

ADB provides assistance in the form of equity, loans and guarantees the following private sector institutions:

We are also keen to catalyze complex capital market solutions and other innovative approaches to financing challenges, including the emerging structured finance and securitization market.

Through its work with financial intermediaries, ADB's private sector operations focus on expanding access to finance, particularly among lower income groups (microfinance and housing finance) and micro-, small, and medium-sized enterprises, as well as on infrastructure development and climate change finance.

Finally, trade finance activities, through the Trade Finance Program (TFP), continue to help reduce the negative impact of the financial crisis on the most vulnerable countries, while at the same time furthering regional integration.

1 Financial sectors and capital markets (including the TFP) are under the Financial Institutions Division (PSFI) which covers all of ADB's DMCs.
2 Funds are under the Investment Funds and Special Initiatives Division (PSIS) which covers all of ADB's DMCs.


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