Partnership for Urban Development: The People's Republic of China Urban Knowledge Hub


The People’s Republic of China (PRC) Urban Knowledge Hub was launched in 2010 to facilitate information and experience exchange within the PRC and between the PRC and developing countries in the Asia and Pacific Region. The initiative is designed to improve urban management by creating knowledge and capacity for urban development based on sustainable development principles.

The PRC Urban Knowledge Hub is a pioneering initiative made possible through partnership between the East Asia Department of the Asia Development Bank and the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University, Shanghai. The partners aim to expand this partnership to include a range of organizations, agencies, and institutions.

Concept and approach

Urbanization presents both challenges and opportunities for reducing poverty and ensuring balanced economic development.

The urban population of the Asia and Pacific Region is projected to increase from 1.77 billion to 2.67 billion over the next 20 years. Countries in the region share many of the same issues in providing livable cities for their growing urban populations.

Well-managed urban centers provide a decent living environment, meet the service needs of diverse populations, and attract private investment that maintains economic development. Badly-managed urban centers experience high levels of social instability and environmental pollution and do not have infrastructure capable of maintaining economic growth.

To manage sustainable urban development, the PRC is already synthesizing and transferring urban good practice from both its well-developed and dynamic metropolises in the coastal region and its less-developed towns in the remote, land-locked, central and western region. The Urban Knowledge Hub will facilitate the creation and transfer of urban good practice both within the PRC and with other countries in the Asia and Pacific Region facing similar issues.


Date Activity Venue

13-14 November 2014

 Activity: ADB-Tongji South-South Urban Knowledge Sharing Seminar on Balancing and Integrating Urban-Rural Development in the PRC

Tongji University, Shanghai, PRC

12-13 November 2013

 ADB-Tongji Urban Knowledge Sharing Seminar Shanghai New Towns and New Districts in China - Challenges and Opportunities

Tongji University, Shanghai, PRC

14-15 November 2012

Annual Urban Knowledge Seminar
Urban Transition: Focus on the regeneration of industrial urban sites and good practices for industrial relocation

Tongji University, Shanghai, PRC

15 - 17 November 2011

Asian Urban Forum 2011: Financing Future Cities
Focus on the investments necessary for green, competitive, and inclusive cities in Asia. Target participants include ministers, city managers, and other decision makers from both the public and private sector.

ADB Headquarters, Manila, Philippines

4 November 2011

Urban Knowledge Seminar
Financing preservation and redevelopment in historic towns

Shanghai, PRC

18 - 20 October 2010

Urban Knowledge Seminar
Urban Planning, Sustainable Buildings, & Wastewater Management (First Urban Knowledge Hub Workshop), Tongji University, Shanghai

Tongji University, Shanghai, PRC


Stefan Rau Urban Development Specialist, Asian Development Bank  Email contact form
Prof. Wang Lan Urban Development Specialist, Tongji University  [email protected]

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