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Archived Projects (1967 to 2004)

Country Project Title Modality Approval Date
Bangladesh TA1355Forestry Master Plan Technical Assistance 16 Aug 1990
China, People's Republic of TA1356Integrated Rural Development of Selected Provinces in Southwest China Technical Assistance 17 Aug 1990
Pakistan TA1357Barani Farming System Training and Research Technical Assistance 27 Jun 1991
Lao People's Democratic Republic TA1358Formulating the Third Five-Year Plan - Phase II Technical Assistance 20 Aug 1990
Bangladesh TA1359Institutional Strengthening of Directorate of Primary Education Technical Assistance 21 Aug 1990
Philippines TA1360Second NGO Microcredit Technical Assistance 24 Aug 1990
Sri Lanka TA1361Review of Industrial Pollution Regulations Technical Assistance 24 Aug 1990
Thailand TA1362Preparation of an Investment Program for the Department of Highways Technical Assistance 28 Aug 1990
Indonesia TA1363Strengthening Project Benefit Monitoring and Evaluation Activities of the Directorate General for Water Resources Development Technical Assistance 22 Aug 1990
Thailand TA1364Training in Stock Market Automation Technical Assistance 29 Aug 1990
India TA1365Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Operational Improvement Technical Assistance 30 Aug 1990
India TA1366Environment Monitoring and Pollution Control Technical Assistance 30 Aug 1990
Tonga TA1367Strengthening the Management Function of Sea Star Fishing Company Ltd. Technical Assistance 6 Sep 1990
Sri Lanka TA1368Fisheries Sector Technical Assistance 6 Sep 1990
Maldives TA1369Fisheries Sector Strategy Study Technical Assistance 7 Sep 1990
Lao People's Democratic Republic TA1370Establishing of a Privatization Coordination Unit in Lao, PDR Technical Assistance 7 Sep 1990
Maldives TA1371Maldives Port Authority Technical Assistance 11 Sep 1990
Philippines TA1372Review of National Power Corporation's Asset Revaluation Technical Assistance 11 Sep 1990
China, People's Republic of TA1373Technical Assistance to Support a "Development Economics Training Program" for the People's Republic of China Technical Assistance 6 Sep 1990
Malaysia TA1374National Costal Erosion Control Sector Technical Assistance 19 Sep 1990


This archive contains basic information on ADB projects approved before 2005. All other projects may be found in the ADB Projects Database. Information concerning ADB-assisted projects held by ADB for more than 20 years from the date such information was produced by, or provided to ADB will be considered historical information and shall be disclosed upon request in accordance with para. 98 of ADB's Public Communications Policy (PCP) 2011.

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