Archived Projects (1967 to 2004)

Country Project Title Modality Approval Datesort ascending
China, People's Republic of 32912-014PRC: CHENGDU GENERALE DES EAUX-MARUBENI WATERWORKS COMPANY LIMITED Private Sector Loan 11 Feb 1999
Philippines 30540-013Agrarian Reform Communities Loan 18 Dec 1998
Philippines 30480-013Metro Manila Air Quality Improvement Sector Development Program Loan 16 Dec 1998
Philippines 30480-023Metro Manila Air Quality Improvement (Air Pollution Control Facility) Loan 16 Dec 1998
Philippines 30480-033Metro Manila Air Quality Improvement (Investment Loan) Loan 16 Dec 1998
Viet Nam 30316-013GMS: Phnom Penh-HCMC Road Improvement Loan 15 Dec 1998
Philippines 25182-013Secondary Education Development and Improvement Loan 11 Dec 1998
Viet Nam 25033-013Vocational and Technical Education Project Loan 11 Dec 1998
Papua New Guinea 31647-013Smallholder Support Services Pilot Project Loan 10 Dec 1998
Kiribati 28310-013Sanitation, Public Health, and Environment Improvement Loan 8 Dec 1998
Sri Lanka 28331-013Roads Network Improvement Loan 8 Dec 1998
Nepal 29237-013Rural Microfinance Project Loan 8 Dec 1998
Sri Lanka 29600-013Tea Development Project Loan 10 Nov 1998
Maldives 28161-013Postsecondary Education Development Loan 30 Sep 1998
Bangladesh 26624-013Rural Livelihood Loan 29 Sep 1998
Sri Lanka 28163-013Urban Development and Low Income Housing (Sector) Project Loan 24 Sep 1998
Sri Lanka 32907-014SRI: PROPOSED CREDIT ENHANCEMENT (CEF) for PRIVATE SECTOR ENT. Private Sector Loan 8 Sep 1998
Fiji 32200-012Suva-Nausori Water Supply and Sewerage Development Technical Assistance 18 Aug 1998
Sri Lanka 31283-012Skills Development Technical Assistance 24 Jul 1998
Lao People's Democratic Republic 29288-013Basic Education (Girls) Project (formerly Women's Education) Loan 25 Jun 1998


This archive contains basic information on ADB projects approved before 2005. All other projects may be found in the ADB Projects Database. Information concerning ADB-assisted projects held by ADB for more than 20 years from the date such information was produced by, or provided to ADB will be considered historical information and shall be disclosed upon request in accordance with para. 98 of ADB's Public Communications Policy (PCP) 2011.

For matters related to PCP and the disclosure of project information and the transparency of ADB operations contact the Public Information and Disclosure Unit (InfoUnit).