Skills for Employment Investment Program - Bangladesh Project Story: Higher Skills, Better Income

Documents Produced Under Grant/Loans/TA | October 2017

Documents produced under projects are material produced in the course of the project, or as outputs. This document dated October 2017 is provided for the ADB project 42466-016 in Bangladesh.

A technical and vocational skills training program in Bangladesh is helping enhance productivity at the individual and national levels. The Underprivileged Children’s Educational Programs (UCEP) School is one of 34 institutes that are facilitating training to potential jobseekers under the Skills for Employment Investment Program (SEIP). Under the training program of UCEP School, certificates are issued by a globally recognized German organization, which will help the recipients to be employed abroad. The SEIP program is expected to train as many as 260,000 people until December 2018.

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