Rajasthan State Highway Investment Program - Tranche 2: Tranche-at-a-Glance Report

Tranche Reports | August 2019

Tranche 2 will improve the efficiency and safety of transport on the state highways of Rajasthan thereby providing quality connectivity for social and economic activities. It will (i) upgrade about 754 kilometers of state highways and major district roads (MDRs) to two-lane or intermediate-lane standards in keeping with road safety requirements; and (ii) enhance the capacity of the Public Works Department of the Government of Rajasthan (RPWD) by improving the business processes and procedures of its public-private partnership (PPP) division on project management, safeguards implementation and monitoring, and road safety. The project will catalyze the sustainable development of Rajasthan through the collaboration of the public and private sectors.

This document dated August 2019 is provided for the ADB project 49228-003 in India.

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